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The Top 10 Reasons People Need Oral Sedation
Relaxation Dentistry

10. Oral Sedation is a safe and effective way of relieving the fear and anxiety associated with going to the dentist

9. Dentists have used oral medications for many years to relieve fear and apprehension associated with dental appointments

8. It works well for most patients allowing them to relax and have little or no memory of their dental appointments (partial or total amnesia)

7. Its easy, you take a pill one hour prior to your dental appointment

6. Some patients are so relaxed that they sleep right through their dental appointment. When someone is relaxed they will feel less tired after a long dental appointments. 

5. Patients are so relaxed and comfortable, that a large amount of complex treatment can be accomplished in a single appointment

4. People who have trouble getting numb are often helped by Oral Sedation Dentistry

3. If you are scared of needles, sedation dentistry can help you

2. People who have difficulty controlling movements,  such as Parkinson's Disease or Cerebral Palsy are often helped by oral sedation

1. The dentist can complete more dental treatment of higher quality,  in a shorter period of time, on a patient who is relaxed

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