We Welcome New Patients

We have all heard about dentists who don't take new patients. Sounds impressive and successful. It also sounds like they keep fixing the same people's teeth year after year. Our practice is based on the prevention of dental problems and the preservation of people's teeth. Our mission is to help to NOT need continuous dental repairs. AND IT WORKS!! Many of our patients come only for periodic health maintenance visits and don't need constant repairs. That is how we measure our success. So we always have roan for new people in our practice. The chances are that your friends and family members are having the same problem you had with your teeth and may not even know it. Help us to help them by making them aware of the need for and the possibilities of our PREVENTIVE Approach. "The gift of HEALTH is truly without equal."

In the 60's and 70's the doctor did the exam and made the decisions. The patient was expected to meekly accept the diagnosis and treatment plan. Patients have become highly sophisticated regarding dental technology and therapeutic options. Dentists today are in a unique position to help, because, among other things, they can build patients' self-images. That may sound far-fetched. But self-image is linked to one's concept of one's.

physical appearance in particular to facial features. I am very aware of how you feel about your smile and the way your teeth were placed in your mouth. It is nice to be able to improve ones smile by closing spaces between front teeth, enlarging of teeth, contouring, bonding, removal of stains--all of these can radically improve a persons feeling of well being.

Esthetic dentistry is really just another way of treating the whole person. Anything that focuses attention on people's teeth rather that on themselves is damaging to their self-esteem. It amazes me that some dentists hesitate to suggest cosmetic dentistry even to patients who would greatly benefit from it.

Surely the truly healthy life is built on doing and being, rather than having.

We Welcome New Patients