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Scientists Develop Vaccine Against Tooth Decay

Dateline NBC asks tough questions on amalgam
ADA News, June 2, 1997


I was stunned when walking through the grocery store in February and saw the headlines on the Readers Digest. "How Dentists Rip Us Off". I really didn't know what to believe. Since the article appeared, many articles have been written in Dental Publications about the Readers Digest Article. The best of these articles, is in the April 1997 news magazine of the Academy of General Dentistry AGDIMPACT by David C. Steele, D.D.S., FAGD. 

"How a Journalist ripped us off"
This Article puts faulty reporting in its place.

A Second Article about the Readers Digest appeared in the April 7, 1997 ADA NEWS and was written by Laura McKee and is also well written and worth reading. This article also questions the authors credibility and motives.

"How honest is Readers Digest?"

FDA approves laser cavity fix, promising less painful Dentistry

ADA rolls out Anti-Cigar Campaign across country