Unfortunately these are subjective words that have different meanings to different people. My concept of Quality and Excellence may be very different from any other dentist. What these words mean to me is striving to do the very best dentistry I know how. Not cutting corners. To create a healthy mouth that is harmony with the entire body. To create something that is so natural that it comes so close to restoring the mouth that you can't tell anything has been done. Dentistry that is cosmetically beautiful. Making changes that maintain or enhance Esthetics (cosmetics). Cosmetic dentistry is nothing new and fine dentists have always thought about natural beauty. We now have materials that make it easier to achieve these goals. Esthetics must take into consideration function and harmony and true beauty will be achieved.

Quality and Excellence are goals that I am always striving to achieve. 

What is Fee For Service?


In dental offices we often use words, concepts and technology that has meaning to us but patients don't have any idea what we are talking about. This is unintentional but is confusing to patients.